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Green River Group is a family owned business that spans over three generations. The owner, Steve Hsu has grown the group to include over 14 factories that are scattered all throughout Asia. With the support of family and friends, Steve’s companies cover production of a wide spectrum of items from lumber milling, foam pouring, to case goods and sofa production and more. In his spare time, Steve enjoys investing in ventures that will help provide future prospects for the youth of Taiwan.
1988 – First factory, Green River Wood Malaysia
1991- First expansion into Vietnam, Green River Woods Vietnam
1997- First expansion into China, Green RIver Woods China


In 1945, Omori Hsu was introduced to the lumber business of logging and seven years later , he started his own Lumber business in Pingtung city.  By  the young age of 33, Omori moved his family of 7 to Pingtung to manage 大森 “Da Shen” Lumber company and by the age of 47, Omori had expanded his business to a third lumber company, 宏森. By the time Omori retired at the age of 70, his eldest son, Alex Hsu, had not only successfully taken over the factories in Taiwan but also set up his own furniture wholesale business in Canada and San Diego.  His second son, Steve Hsu, would begin a new chapter in the family history by starting his own business, Green River Woods Malaysia.

Omori Hsu, would retire to focus on his passion in life. He became a very devout buddhist, passing all his worldly possessions to the teachings of buddhism.